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The Age of Awakening is now, and the medicine of this time is something invisible. The medicine of this age is personal growth and consciousness. It includes energy healing, gratitude, connection, appreciation, support, generosity, allowance, and trust. Only when we miss the problem — delay, or ignore it, do we need the heavier duty medicines, the cumbersome, bulky, costly medicines — the interventions. This is no judgement — by bulky I mean inconvenient, invasive, and interruptive. Who wants to spend their time in the doctor’s office or hospital? What I’m calling bulky is impressively refined compared to the dirty knives and stones of the past, but it’s still after-the-fact medicine — -cleaning up spills after they happen. We need that, and always will need it because life includes some chaos, mistakes, unpredictability, and because living includes maintenance and clean up. But we probably only need ¼ of it.

The medicine of this age is about the art of living in harmony with life itself. That’s not some cheap word — harmony — -it’s a real thing. There is a way to live in harmony with our environment and the people in it, to live true to our nature, all while evolving in our collective awakening.

What is living in harmony? It’s about living in flow, not pushing and shoving and jerking and hoarding. Living in harmony is attuning to the wisdom of the place and moment, respecting it, loving it, and taking the right action in it. This doesn’t mean life is always going to be hunky dory and that we pretend things are easy. Nope. Life if not easy. We’re not always going to be perfect or graceful, but like an elite athlete, we can become nimble, graceful, dexterous. We are built to respond to what is needed, to pay attention to what is meaningful, and to enjoy this life we’ve been given.

The medicine of this age is preventative medicine — so it can’t be confined to the rules of measurement — we can’t wait until it’s “proven” because there is no way to prove that something has been prevented — -chaos, accidents, emergencies, cancer, illness, degeneration, stroke, early death. By the way, in the world of Chinese Medicine and Energy Medicine, “preventative” and harmonious are terms that refer to all aspects of life, not just health and illness —they refer to things going well in general such as career, finance, opportunity, children, community, meeting a partner, no violence, accidents that don’t happen. Preventative medicine is so much more than just washing our hands or going on a diet — preventative medicine is understanding what it means to live in harmony, and doing it. The result is less suffering, less cost, less chaos, less energy for recovery, less side effects.

Think of all the things that can happen, that do happen, that are not in our control and seem to happen randomly— car accidents, flu on the family vacation, tooth problem, low back injury, high blood sugar, kid gets an ear infection . What is some of the randomness could be “smoothed out” and reduced? What if one year you and your family had zero in the realm of health concern? Can you imagine that? Maybe you already have it. What if in the US we had half of all the health/body related problems? Half the asthma, half the antibiotics, half the heart surgeries, half the deaths from cigarette smoking (we now have 480,000 each year in the US), half the car accidents, half the time spent in the hospitals… how would that affect us?

How would that affect us in cost, suffering, time, fear, all the things? Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of jobs, better jobs.

We can notice that all things “material/physical” are becoming easier, lighter, more efficient. Technology of today is a direct reflection of our evolution in consciousness. Compare the weight, effort and time it takes now to get a message from your brain (or an entire video or audiobook!) to someone on the other side of the world to what it would have taken to do that in the middle ages. This is an example of the “lightness” of the way we are working the “physical” realm. The meta-physical section of our existence is getting broader. This extends into the physical aspects of our health as well — energy medicine, mind, the quality of our thinking throughout the day directly affects our physiology.

I believe that the medicine of this age is 95% preventative medicine — — not a diet or a pill, but a consciousness — -including the consciousness of our much needed and appreciated doctors, healers, researchers, and medicine makers.

A consciousness about our health, our society, about the way we live, about who we are in this world, and how it works. I believe that true to this age of awakening, vibrant health is mostly simple and free. I wonder what percentage of our physical health and well-being has to do with our thinking, attitudes, beliefs, consciousness…. what do you think?