Nathalie Babazadeh, L.Ac.

Nathalie has given thousands of healing sessions and helped many people in their transformative awakenings in 18 years of clinical acupuncture practice in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She is a proud co-founder of the Ren School of Consciousness, the creator of The Soul Map Adventure and Way of the Healer Programs, and mother of two magical human beings.

Her lifelong study includes 4 years of cultural anthropology at UC Berkeley, a 4 years graduate program in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, and study with her beloved teachers Anna De Mattei, Angeles Arrien, Don Victor de Estrada, and Master Chunyi Lin.

Kacey Moe

Kacey Moe grew up with a natural interest and fascination with the world around her. Whether it was staring at the starry night sky, camping, or making forts out of scrap wood and branches, she appreciated the warmth and beauty of nature.

She earned a BS in Kinesiology followed by a Masters in Holistic Nutrition. Kacey also has nearly a decade of teaching in Waldorf early childhood programs, as well as training as a birth doula, Reiki II practitioner and yoga instructor.

She brings these life experiences forward as she partners with Nathalie to create transformative programs aimed at unlocking the secrets of magical living for every woman.

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